About me,the author;

I am a Swede who is a converted anglophile. Mainly based in London apart from the occasional trip to Sweden I enjoy everything that the average Brit does. These interests includes hanging out at the pub, fish and chips and of course the queen. But when I am not working on my Britishness I enjoy painting portraits of my mothers chickens (above), reading/writing, drinking wine and what brought me to start this blogg; my love for art.

All in all I have completed nearly five years of Art Historical studies based in London (Roehampton University (BA) and Birckbeck University(MA)). Purely by chance whilst working in the area of West Kensington did I stumble upon the idea of creating a form of networking between artist, art lovers, local eccentrics and just about anyone who would be interested in putting the art of W14 into focus.


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