Realism – Miserably realistic.

Happy Easter dear readers!

In London today the weather is terrible, not the warm spring sunshine we have had the previous weeks but a cold rain. Every time the weather is as it is it makes me think of the art movement of realism! Although realism is a celebrated part of art history and it marked an important change in the way that artists were creating, it is a sad movement. Realism is meant to depict just as its name suggests; reality, but do we really need to view the sad state of reality? Well, I will not dwell on this any further instead I will introduce one of the great Russian realists;  Ivan Kramskoy.

Born in 1837 into a poor petite-bourgeois family, he later went on to study at the St Petersburg Academy of Arts and developed into one of Russia’s most famous and loved artists and critics. Influenced by the ideas of Russian revolutionary democrats he submegered in the principals of realism and the moral substance and nationality of art.


Portrait of a Woman 1880

Portrait of a Woman


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