Longing and Feminism

As my readers probably have gathered at this stage the author of this blog is quite the feminist.
Some might think and pose the question such as ‘ how can you be a lover of history AND a feminist?’ If you love history surely you must love the old stereotypical gender roles.
Au contraite my friends. In Oder to understand you present you must understand your past ie your history.
So, in the works of Jane Austen and Emily Bronte is there a hint of feminists? And let’s bit forget since we’re on the topic the works of emily Dickinson ?
Of course there is, the label of the weaker sex merely comes from the fact that women had no choice in the social appearance BUT this does not mean that they strong.
Now. Let me leave this rant with a poem.
Let’s celebrate women
Because let’s face it, we are pretty spectacular.



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