Inspirational Women Vol. 1

During my years as an art-history student we studied anything from medival art to contemporary, inbetween there was a little sliver of photography and in that an even smaller section of women in photography. Why women has not been allowed to take up much space in the history of art goes hand in hand with the history of society, so no suprises there.

When you start to look closely at an era, amd when you have the liberty to research what you please at what is not on the academic agenda you will end up finding some truly inspirational and wonderful women in art.

My pick of the day is Marianne Breslauer (1909 – 2001).



Breslauer was born is Berlin, her father was an architect and her mother a relative to the famous art-historian Julius Lessing. She begain studying photography in the late 1920’s and soon became admired by famous portrait photographers one of them no one less than André Kertész, fancy that!

Although Breslauer wanted to consider herself a photographic reporter her work goes a lot deeper than just the notion of reporting. Her photographs are haunting and beautiful at the same time, spellbinding and upsetting.



Marienne Breslauer, Alexandria, 1931



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