Aino Sibelius 1891-1892

Aino Sibelius 1891-1892

Aino Sibelius (10.8.1871-8.6.1969)

This beautiful lady was the wife of the Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius.

She was a devoted in supporting her husband’s work and encouraged him to write symphonies even at time of financial distress. She also was concerned and depressed over his alcohol usage and couldn’t stand seeing him burn his manuscripts.

Aino has been described as poetic and graceful person who was passionately against all worldly vanity. The ideological and ethical ideals of tolstoyism that she learned from her mother, Elisabeth Järnefelt, also strongly affected her world view. It’s been said that her rules of good conduct resembled the etiquette of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Aino also was in charge of upbringing and education of their daughters. She was very dedicated and cared for them at the limits of her own endurance.

Aino’s influence in their home is clearly visible in the fact that the house was named Ainola after her. She lived there even after her husband died till her own death and her presence is still clear in details of house’s decoration and her famous garden.


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