An introduction to the author.

What does art mean to you?

It is immediate, an image that you respond to. And it is a mirror of what is going on in society – it reflects issues. It has always stimulated me since I was a child – I wanted to be an elephant keeper or an artist.

So are you an artist?

I have dabbled with drawing, painting in water colours and oils, I love it. Because of this I went on to finish a degree in theoretical Art in London and last year I completed a Masters and it was really intense work but it was incredibly interesting. It is the mirror that art provides that makes it so interesting and immediate. I think people feel art is a bit removed from them in the whole but it shouldn’t be, it is part of us and has always been used to reflect how we live.

I also draw cartoons, because things that happen in life can be so funny. Actually what I want to capture is more cultural expression not just written art. How people express themselves.

Why a blog?

There a few reasons. I want to make it about this area, it is so interesting around here, but it doesn’t have any visibility. I want to portray the community, it is very diverse and there are people doing lots of interesting things. Art is one expression of people’s lives and may reflect general big issues of the world we are all living in right now.

So what sort of things would you be interested in writing about?

The history, architecture, local people, local artists. I would like to interview them. I am interested in this area as it is has a lot of history and this can be expressed through art, or writing or other forms. It would interesting to interview people, anyone, for example someone working in Tescos around the corner, people all have story, they have come from somewhere they may have had a background in something that is unusual and interesting. In effect it would bring people to life in the area.

Where do you want to start?

Well it is the first inspiration I am looking for, and I think this will come from talking with people. I am interested in interviewing one of the local businesswomen who has an interior design shop. She is not from the UK, which is typical of the multicultural feel of West Kensington. What is her story?…she is obviously creative and lots of interesting stuff, fabrics, artefacts, pieces of furniture. She looks like an interesting person. In fact after working in a local café for a couple of years basically anyone who walks in the door has a story.

What would be interesting is to link issues to art history and weave it in that way. We are all part of history and art says that. Art and culture should give you access to a community rather than the other way round…you get to know the flavour of the community through it’s expression.

And then with wider issues, like feminism, mental health, the effect of threat of terrorism, all the things people are bombarded with on the news all of that can be seen to be digested through art, and humour as well…thus my interest in cartoons!

 Where are you from and how did you get to West Kensington?

I am from Sweden, I came to London for a gap year, and then it was such a pivotal time, I met someone, got my first job, it was a powerful time to form myself, and I didn’t want to go back. I did go and travel in Brazil for a few months, but then my father died, so I naturally returned to Sweden. That had a huge impact and I felt lost and my mother pushed me to come back, in order to get my life moving again.

I have had several jobs including working at Ann Summers…now that was interesting….


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